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Orake Classic Review

Orake Classic is an app designed by PigLion Games. Orake Classic was first published on . The app is currently available on Steam.

Orake Classic is an old school, 2D tile-based ORPG featuring a variety of skills, monsters, bosses, quests, and extensive lands to explore.

Your adventure begins in the Collapse, where the player must find their way out of the confines of their Nightmares. Upon escaping, the player ends up in the city of Aracia, a lively town where you can discover quests and mingle among the townsfolk and other players to learn more about how to navigate through the game. Just north is the Boneyard, where risky player-vs-player combat is possible.

You can build up your choice of abilities among a variety of combat, non-combat, and crafting skills or roam and explore the many cities, dungeons, and special areas full of unique items and challenging monsters.

Join a guild; or invite your friends and start a guild of your own!

Originally, Orake had over 130,000 downloads on Steam. Orake Classic is a rebranded and revitalized version of the original! We offer a "pay-for-convenience" membership to willing players and blesses (experience boosts) that apply to a whole server! The installation is easier than ever and the community is ready to help a new player see what it is they love about this game!

Orake Classic

3.5 / 5

Orake Classic Logo
Author: PigLion Games
Size: 2 GB available space

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