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Learn (Japanese) Kana The Fun Way! review

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Thylacine Studios

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Learn (Japanese) Kana The Fun Way! Review

Learn (Japanese) Kana The Fun Way! is an application by Thylacine Studios. Learn (Japanese) Kana The Fun Way! was first published on . It is accessible for Steam, Other.

Ever wanted to learn how to read Japanese? The first step is to learn "Hiragana" and "Katakana", otherwise known collectively as "Kana"! "Kana" refers to the Japanese alphabet - a collection of symbols that each make a distinct sound. By stringing multiple Kana together, you can form whole words or even entire sentences!

Learning Kana is the first of 3 major steps toward mastering the Japanese language. After you've mastered Kana with the help of our game and want to continue learning Japanese, you should also consider learning Kanji (we recommend using WaniKani), along with Japanese grammar (we suggest "A Guide to Japanese Grammar" by Tae Kim).

Easy-to-learn rules, an addictive soundtrack, and fun visual effects ensure the game will hold your attention much longer than other products!

If you've played Tetris or Puyo-Puyo, you'll have no trouble at all learning the rules of Learn Kana The Fun Way!

We'll ease you into learning each Kana by slowly introducing new ones over the span of 20 campaign levels. By the time you complete the final level, you'll be able to convert every single Kana in the Japanese alphabet into their English counterparts! It's both fun and easy.

Take your pick of three different game modes:

  • Campaign: This mode contains 20 levels which will teach you all the different Kana symbols. This is the first mode you should play if you've never seen Kana before.
  • Play Mode: This is the main gameplay mode which allows you to compete with your own high scores and unlock achievements. Be warned: the Kana blocks will start to fall more quickly over time!
  • Free Training: This mode is similar to Play Mode, except the blocks will always fall slowly and you can adjust the gameplay options to suit your needs.

Earn up to 14 different achievements. Earn them all, and you'll have mastered Kana! You can also sharpen your skills by trying to beat your own high scores. How high can you go?

Learn (Japanese) Kana The Fun Way!

4.2 / 5

Learn (Japanese) Kana The Fun Way! Logo
Author: Thylacine Studios

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